In case you need legal help

For employment law related questions: 

  1. Pro Bono – Law Help Ontario offers up to 30 minutes of free legal advice and assistance. The toll-free number is 1-855-255-7256.
  2. – this website contains a variety of information on employment law; and
  3.  Lawyer Referral Service – (they complete an application online and obtain the name of a lawyer or paralegal and can speak to them for 30  minutes free)

For general legal information about tenant rights (in addition to the Landlord and Tenant Board website): 

  • – this website contains a variety of information on housing law; 
  • Community Legal Services Ottawa (downtown location) – this is a community legal clinic that provides legal advice to tenants. Their telephone number is 613-241-7008.

We are here for you!

Hi everyone,
During this time of emergency, it is really important to be calm and take care of yourselves and your peers and family.

As a student club, we strive to provide all the possible help we can to all the students. Please feel free to share all your concerns and questions on the group. This is to bring to your attention that a member from PDC will be in constant contact with the faculty so that all your concerns are heard and acted upon. You are encouraged to talk to your friends and let us know if any help is needed. We are all together in this situation and we should not feel lonely.

Here is the link to the university webpage regarding updates about COVID-19 and University’s actions regarding the current state.

Take care, be in good health, stay connected and wash your hands

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