Program Coordinators

Each program in the Faculty of Engineering has been assigned a coordinator. The job of the coordinator, roughly speaking, is to keep in touch with the leader of peer groups, and get updates on the progress of each person under their program. You can find the description of the program coordinators here.

Program Coordinators

Yi Liu (

· Computer science (including Applied AI and Bioinformatics)

Karamvir Singh (

· Systems Science

Astha Tiwari (

· Civil Engineering
· Electronic Business Technologies

Stevy Kuimi (

Electrical Engineering
o   Power, Solar and Photonics
o   Devices, Signal Processing and AI
o   Multi-Media and Haptics

Amit Sharma (

· Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

Parth Patel (

· Mechanical Engineering

Yiti Li (

· Biomedical Engineering

Pallavi Samaddar ( )

Electrical Engineering
o   Networks and Cloud Computing

Didem Zengin ( )

Chemical Engineering

Patricia da Silva Nuncio (pdasi056 )

Environmental Engineering

Darshana Pujar ( )

Engineering Management

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