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Each department in University of Ottawa can have a student association. GSAED (Graduate Student Association of University of Ottawa) represents the Graduate students at uOttawa and in order to create or activate your departmental student association, interested students should contact GSAED to learn more.

The steps are elaborated below. We are saying, create or, activate your departmental graduate student association because an association might not exist at present time but there might have been one in past. So, if there was one, you can simply activate the association going through this process. But if an association was never created, you will have to go start from scratch.

You can find the list of associations here.

Following are the steps you have to take to establish your program’s association:

  1. First, find out if your departmental graduate student association already exists. Check the list of association in GSAED website too. If they are there, find a way to communicate with them. It is possible your association has a website, like System ScienceE-Business.
  2. If you have not found a way to contact your departmental graduate student association, you should now seek help from GSAED. You can either go to their office located at the second floor of Cafe Nostalgica, or send an email to Lucie Morin ( or, the Internal Commissioner  ( requesting to provide you information about whether your departmental graduate student association is currently active or not. If it is active, request for the contact information of actual executives and get in touch with them.
  3. If your association is not currently active but students in past had established one (which you can confirm from GSAED), request for bylaw from previous students. Study and understand the Bylaw, it will govern your departmental student association. Make sure you have clearly defined the position of executives in your association, their roles and how to elect them.
  4. Once you have the Bylaw, next step to send the bylaw out for review. Send it out through email. You can request the emails of all students in your program through GSAED (again, you have to contact The Internal commissioner or, Lucie to get the emails). You should have some time (seven to ten days) after you send the Bylaw to allow students to read through it and give their comments on it and vote at a general assembly.
  5. After review process, you have to now conduct fair election. Election can be done in many ways, like Ballot, online voting through google forms etc. but whatever mechanism you choose, it should be within the scope of bylaw that you have finalized by step 4. It needs to be a fair and independent process.
  6. When election concludes, you have your executives for your association. Get together and proceed to formal registration of your Association. There is a form of registration you have to fill which will be provided by GSAED. You need to have at-least 2 co-signers for handling bank account of association so, make your mind beforehand about who is to be co-signer.

Once you have submitted the form you will get a letter from GSAED that will say you are recognized as a graduate student association and the co-signers will be handling bank account. When you open a bank account only then will the University will provide the association with money to carry out the events for students in your program.

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